How to pack shoes the right way when moving

Planning for moving is a tough job, and tougher when packing starts. What is more challenging is when you starts packing your shoes.

Everyone has shoes. We have shoes to wear for our daily activities, work shoes, office shoes, dancing shoes, out door shoes, sports shoes and just shoe collections. Our shoes represents our personal style, class and even status – which usually defines who we are. Shoes are a necessity, that is why we should take extra care of them when we pack and move them.

Whether you have a few pairs of shoes or have an obscene pairs of shoe collection, it is important to pack them properly when you’re moving. You may be tempted to toss all of your shoes into the box when packing for your move. However, you should remember that this not only puts them at a certain risk for physical damage, but also makes it that much harder to unpack when you reach your destination.

To properly pack your shoes for your upcoming move, you may consider the following helpful tips:

Sort your shoes

If you have other family members who also have lots of shoes to pack, make sure that you sort them separately, each person should have their own group of shoes pile. Choose which pairs you want to keep, sell, and donate. Include the shoes that are still in good condition but you don’t like any more or will never wear again in your sell or donate group. If you want to keep shoes that needs fixing, sort them separately and have them fixed before or after the move.

Sort your remaining shoes according to season and to your needs. If you plan to move in mid-winter, pack all your sandals and flip-flops, stiletto shoes and straw shoes, in advance. Pack beforehand your specialty shoes you will not need prior to your move, such as any formal shoes or dancing or hiking shoes if you are not planning to undertake any of those activities before the moving day. Remember to put aside the footwear you plan to wear on the moving day. it must be a sturdy and comfortable pair of shoes with non-slippery soles that will protect your feet from any accident from falling objects during the move.

Start gathering your packing materials

Once you have an idea on how many shoes you will take with you, you can start gathering packing materials that includes the shoes’ original boxes, clean boxes from supermarkets, plain packing paper, a permanent marker, tape and scissors. It is not advisable to use newspapers as it could leave stains on your shoes.

Clean your shoes and get rid of dirt, dust and pebbles stuck to the shoe.

Your shoes must be clean and completely dry before packing as any dirt may harm your delicate footwear and moisture trapped inside a moving box can result in mold growth, ruining your shoes beyond repair, so make sure shoes are clean and dry before packing. You may also want to powder the insides of shoes to ensure all moisture is drawn out of the leather and fabric.

Stuff clean crumpled sheets of packing paper into your shoes

This can help keep the shape of your shoes. You can also use socks as an alternative to stuff your shoes well. Stuffing will help preserve their shape and will prevent crushing when in transit.

Always pack shoes in pairs

Pack every pair separately in a similar sized box or several pairs in a larger box. Use a sheet of packing paper to the first pair of shoes you will pack. Place one shoe on one of the ends of the sheet and roll it until the shoe is completely wrapped, then add the other one and continue wrapping until you have made a nice bundle of this pair. Put them in the smaller box, and place the boxes with the heaviest shoes at the bottom of the bigger boxes. Use crumpled paper to fill up the spaces on the bigger boxes of the shoes to avoid shifting inside the box that may result in crushing the shoes.

Secure the boxes with packing tape and label them properly

Make sure that you put the name of the owner of the shoe in the label so it would be easy to unpack and to know where to look for the shoes you need at the moment when unpacking. Remember not to overload each bigger boxes because it will become heavy and difficult to carry and may break causing damage to your shoes.

These tips for packing shoes when moving will enormously help you take care of your shoes and footwear and preserve them in their perfect condition during the relocation. There are also some things that you need to take note of when packing your shoes for a move. They are:

1. Never pack shoes in plastic trash bags.
2. Load in the truck the boxes of stuff you won’t need after the move and put in the boxes with shoes at the top.
3. Never place heavy items on your shoes because this could deform them.
4. If moving in rain or snow, make sure you protect your boxes from the moist so it won’t harm the shoes.
5. If you do not like wrapping and boxing shoes in pairs, you can also use a closet door shoe hanger.
6. You can also pack separately whatever you will need on the first day or two in your new house – shower shoes, slippers, a comfortable pair to wear when unpacking, arranging or shopping, and carry it with you with your essential box.

Packing shoes for shipping is not a tough task if you would follow these simple tips. But if you still do not want to do it yourself or maybe too busy and do not have the time, call Puliz Moving & Storage and we will be happy to provide you with our quote. Dial our number today!